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The Meaning Of Money
(the big picture and "follow the money")

Q: How can I try not to be a hypocrite about spending and consuming?
A: Don't blame producers or the government.

Whenever you really want to know the truth, you can usually just follow the money.

Numbers don't lie.

Accounting... is the counting of numbers.

When you look at the numbers of a human, you can usually see the truth. Humans that consume cause producers and public servants to supply what they demand. Consumers are responsible for how they spend their money. They vote with their dollars.

Do I spend money? Do I earn money so that I can spend it? etc.

Money is the medium of exchange in our system.

Money is exchanged in several different markets. In general, there are 3:
1) equities, stocks, ownership in producers
2) bonds, debt, ownership in IOU's
3) commodities, metals, meats, etc.

Usually people call these -- the stock market, the bond market and the commodities market.

* to use money is to participate in these markets
* to use money as a consumer is to cause these markets

The Hypocritical Oath

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