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IRA Inquiry

An internetU.org School of Business and Economics Case Study.


McDonald's entered into an agreement to buyout Boston Chicken. The existing shares of BOSTQ will become worthless. Past owners will be left without a penny.

Regarding My Ownership....
Nov. 12, 1998
An open communication to Lawrence White, CFO Boston CHICKEN.

Boston CHICKEN Should Try to Make a Profit
Nov. 9, 1998
A turnaround plan for the floundering company.

Jurisdiction Over "Removal Of Ownership Rights"
Nov. 12, 1998
A public letter to Mr. Levitt and Mr. Greenspan.

Reply From The SEC
Nov. 13, 1998
What quasi-governmental agency watches over "the transfer of retirement fund stock ownership... without the owners consent?"

Can Penny Benny Help?
Nov. 17, 1998
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Penny Benny) is headed by the Secretary Of Labor.

Who protects your IRA?

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