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Example of a Flawed Privacy Policy and Disregard for Consumers' Internet Security
coupled with, False & Misleading Advertising

An InternetU.org combined course curriculum betwixt the Departments of Science & Technology and Business & Economics.

This is a business education case study that examines the McAfee Company, and asks:

Please click here for important information to understanding security and virus protection.

Part 1: Our Privacy & Security is Violated by McAfee

OUR LETTER TO: privacy@mcafee.com
Re: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, please send them to privacy@mcafee.com.

Dear Sir,

While preparing a case study on the Sircam and Code Red viruses for InternetU.org's security program, my privacy and security was violated by McAfee. Following a link from Yahoo (labeled --

"World Virus Map - geographical representation of infected files and computers across the globe.")

I was connected to your webpage: http://www.mcafee.com/anti-virus/virusmap.asp

At that time, my privacy was violated and my computer security compromised. When I went to read your privacy policy, my privacy and security was violated, again. Upon trying to reach your shareholder relation website, I found the site could not be viewed without violating my privacy and security... yet, again.

As a member of a class of consumers affected by your behavior, I am concerned. As an owner and member of a class of shareholders, I am concerned.

We would appreciate your cooperation, as well as your legal dept's response, in our case study of McAfee. What individual (and their email address) would be most capable of defending your position?

Outraged Consumer & Owner

Case Study: http://widgette.com/mcafee/

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