The Resume

Identification Information and Education Sections of the Resume

These are the easiest two sections of the resume to layout but are just as important as any other section.

First, we will look at the Identification Section.
This section holds all of your contact information in a very concise well-organized matter for potential employers. This section should include your full legal name (in bold), permanent address, home phone number, cell phone number and e-mail address. Place this section on the top of the page, normally centered or indented left.
Here is an example of a classic layout:
Your Name
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code
Home Phone, Cell Phone
E-mail Address
The Education Section

Your education section should be straightforward and concise. Include all schools, universities, and/or extra classes or courses you completed. Be sure to include all degrees and any certificates along with completion dates. A GPA should only be included if you earned a 3.0 or higher. Do not include high school information.
Santana University
Bachelor of Arts (business) 1989

You can also list your computer skills under this section
Computer Skills
Word, access, publisher, power point and excel

You can add other optional parts to your resume; this is not a recommendation, just informational. Keep in mind brevity is very important with a resume; however, if you have strong skills or credentials that fall under an optional section and are relevant to the position, you may want to consider adding that particular section.

Here are some of the most common optional sections
Summary of Achievements
Summary of Qualifications and Skills – (must link back to the information in the body of your resume)
Activities professional and non-professional
Honors and Awards professional and school
Community / Volunteer Work
Leadership Activities
Language Skills – (you can also just add this in the education section)
If you use optional sections, just use bullet points to name the skills, awards or credentials with a very brief statement of support if needed.
Summary of Achievements
Developed safety program that reduced injuries 12%
Implemented training program on improving customer service that led to 8% improvement in customer service rating
Wrote a training seminar on a sales technique that increased sales by $850.000
Designed cross training program for all department managers that increased overall productivity for the year
Look for my next article titled Preparing For the Interview.
Ty Ferrell Sr.

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