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Assessments Program

NCUA has decided to publicly share the comments on the voluntary prepaid assessments proposal. NCUA has sought public feedback to determine whether the agency should move forward with the program and, if so, what form the final program will take.

Concern that some comments might include sensitive business or financial information led NCUA to originally decide not to post the comments publicly. A review of the comments received to date, however, indicates that none of them contain such sensitive information. Accordingly, NCUA has now determined it will, beginning sometime shortly after June 10th, post to its website feedback it receives on the program.

Because NCUA received some comments before making this determination, entities may have provided feedback under the belief their comments would not be posted publicly. To keep an already submitted letter from being posted, these parties need to email regcomments@ncua.gov by June 10, 2011. Unless NCUA hears otherwise on or before June 10th, the agency will post all comments on its website. NCUA will consider all comments, whether posted or not, when determining the future of program.

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