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You – The Unique Business Person – Further On

Among the trillions of people that have gone before you and among the trillions of people that will come after you, you will eventually come to the realization that you are unique on this planet. This holds true for you as a business person as well. There is no other business person like you.

There are the idols of history to which you might aspire but in reality you are as much of an idol as anyone one of them. This is the way life has been designed. We talk of the George Washington’s & the Thomas Jefferson’s of a former time. Somehow distance in time makes them more unachievable but at the same time so are you. No one else can come close to you in that which is you. You are unique in creation.

With this uniqueness comes a certain aloneness because no one has the same view as you. You are one in an infinity of others. You must somehow find solace in your aloneness and come to rest with yourself or as they say your “lot in life”. You must accept yourself.

Many of us look outward for acceptance. It is a fruitless search. It will lead you to frustration. You must look inward for this is the only place you will find yourself and your uniqueness.

I once knew of a very, very rich man who found his solace in drink. Everyone in his life – his wife, his children, his friends, his business associates – only sought after him for money. He could only find himself in drink. I am not to judge why he died a drunk – according to those around him – but at least he separated himself and could find himself somewhere in a bottle.

I have also talked with some who condemn others for the decisions they make in life. The answer to this one is that “you don’t condemn a person unless you have walked in their shoes”.

The external forum are the rules and regulations that we live by – all of those “outward” societal constructs. They are “made up” by people with “particular points of view” in mind. The internal forum is the interior of the person. The inner soul. It is here that we can find the “oneness in our uniqueness” that can bring us the peace we look for on an everyday basis.

It is the conflict between the outward forum and the inward forum that creates confusion & doubt. Our present day society has taught us to seek the answers on an outbound basis. Society says it’s OK to do something yet the individual still finds themselves with an internal conflict.

Society also tells us what is right and what is wrong. It often mixes legality and morals in a very peculiar basterdizing mix that conflagrates the brew. Why then do we feel wrong internally anyway? We already know the answer. Those who make the wrong choice set up the rest of their lives with a constant state of imbalance unless they make a correction and come to their own realization.

So it is true for the business person who bases their internal decisions on sand. The structure is in constant need of maintenance and repair – patch up after patch up.

A business person who is a visionary is not recognized in their own time. The prophetic call to the world is not heard or understood. It must wait until some future point when we can call them a George Washington, a Thomas Jefferson, a Christ, a Buddha, an Einstein.

Keep in mind though that you do not have to “sound the trumpet” in this regard. It is simply enough that you find your own uniqueness. No one else has to know. It can be (and usually is) a private moment in which you find the answer for yourself.

It is a point in time where you – alone – find peace & are at one with yourself. (hint – you will need more than just yourself otherwise you will be left with only your aloneness.) So what else do you need? You will have to find this out for yourself.

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