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Update: In an effort to verify the allegations that political prisoners are being held and abused by the Philadelphia Police Department, one of our own concerned fathers went to the Roundhouse and the Prison. He was terrorized by the Philadelphia Police and put under investigation by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Ironic as it may be, the reporter had set-out to do a positive piece on the police and the criminal justice system. His intent was to prove to his children that our justice system is good... and that our liberty is intact. But, he got into serious trouble for filming a memorial to police officers who have "fallen in the line of duty". The police are holding his tape hostage. (Unfortunately for the kids, the majority of the tape contains children's projects.)

He was preparing a rebuttal to the following article.

August 6, 2000
Sorry. But, I Had to Say Something
(subtitled: Sometimes I Hate Being Right)
from The Internet Gazette

There I was... sitting in front of my TV set... watching the Republican National Convention (RNC). And, it hit me! The inside of me screamed, "I get it. I think I really get it."

The previous several days had wreaked havoc on the City Of Brotherly Love. Not only was the RNC in town, but all these activists had descended to help promote their cause. As the events unfolded, workers and residents were interviewed on the local news. Time and time again, the interviewee would say, "I don't know what the protestors are protesting about."

Then, as I watched Jim Gardner interview Police Commissioner John Timoney, it hit me. There was Timoney in some sort-of expensive Brooks Brothers suit. He was smiling like a big fat Cheshire cat. What happened to him being out on the street? What happened to him being dressed in the police department's summer uniform? What happened to him riding his bicycle?

Though I have no training in police work... and, though I am uneducated as to how a detective conducts an investigation... I could see that something did not look right.

Much to my surprise, Jim Gardner must have been thinking the same thing.

When Mr. Gardner asked Timoney what the activists were protesting, Timoney responded, "They call it the American Injustice System."

When Mr. Gardner questioned Timoney on his appearance, Timoney was evasive.

When Mr. Gardner queried if his appearance had anything to do with "feeling safe" now that hundreds of protestors were locked up, Timoney replied, "You're on to somethin'."

Boink! Right between the eyes it hits me -- these activists are protesting their loss of liberty.

This came as an especially painful blow.

For the past seven years, I have been part of a think-tank that has been studying Y2K. Throughout 1999, multitudes of people started coming to me for advice on the subject. My answer was always the same:

It is not New Year's Eve that I fear... it is the RNC that scares me. The RNC will be a barometer of the true affects from the Y2K convergence.

If you see either of the following come out of the RNC, you should take notice:

  1. spiky haired mutants running in the streets*
  2. a loss of civil liberties**

Well, I am sorry to say that both of these events have come to pass.

* Click here for photos of spiky haired mutants running in the street.


Believe it or not, this article was not intended as a political editorial. It is part of an economic thesis.

Economics is the study of how people make their living, how they acquire the food, shelter, clothing and other material necessities and comforts of this world. It is a study of the problems they encounter, and of the way in which these problems can be reduced.
-- "An Introduction To Microeconomics", P. Wonnacott, P. Wonnacott (1979)

This article is not intended to influence opinion for, or against, the Philadelphia Police nor the spiky haired mutants.

However, the economic impact of the Philadelphia Police violating children's civil liberties does raise new and interesting questions.

It shall be our attempt to remain unbiased on these matters.

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