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PANIC! @ Membrane.com

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(with help from our friends @)
Try Me?

psehelp@membrane.com wrote:

In response to your business related post


now... here's the first un4seen sideffct

i got the harddrive as the random background... hehehe

it fit... nice... now, mind ya we can load any header
or footer we want... so... after we see pages in action,
the group deals with it... i mean if we say that we always
want the harddrive as the background on that page, we do it.

and, if sound or graphics are needed... ok... and either
you do it yourself (using our resources if you like), or
we do it together?

if it is *good*... it is good?

if it sux, is sux?

in terms of a critic' on your entry...
what about a way to contact you?

as you are a friend of mine, i'd say... at least a
email doc link...

and as i mentioned b4... only 1-10% of the business will be
initiated via email... most will be from the networking of
humans... and forms... cgi scripted forms

don't we have a generic doc form somewhere?

here use mine.

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